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1. What is the purpose of Africash International?

1. The purpose of Africash International is to provide cheap, effective and efficient electronic/Digital currency service

2. How long does it take, to get my order completed?

Within 12hrs to 24hrs from your time of order

3. Why does it take 6hrs-24hrs to complete my order?

We presently use manual posting which normally takes some little time depending on the orders we receive and it also depends on how fast your do the transfer.

4.How good is your visual credit card?

Our visual credit card is accepted by all online merchants

5.What is the purpose of a foreign address in U.S.A or AFRICA?

The purpose of a Foreign Address is to proved variable business location for individuals who wish to do business beyond there region for certain reasons (We offer goods address, e-mail forwarding parcel forwarding and phone no.

6. What is the purpose of SHOP4ME?

The purpose of SHOP4ME is to help you make online payments e.g for air tickets, your vacation location, item shopping/bidding at any website, leaving your details secured from fraudulent persons.

7.How long does it take to withdraw my fund from my bank account?

 Your money is paid into your bank account the within 1-2 days after confirming you transfer.

8.Can I fill the funding form before or after payment in your bank account?

It is necessary to fill the funding form before making deposit to our bank account or immediately after making payment to our account (before your payment is confirmed).